Ringbill Records is an artist collective founded by Andrew Grosvenor and Peter Zachar.  Originally a monicker for their own releases, Ringbill Records is now a vehicle for assembling and releasing music by other artists we think are awesome.



Dude, your CDs/tapes/laserdiscs don’t have any labels on them… what gives?
When I was a kid, I had a shoebox full of cassettes that were dubbed from the radio, copies of albums, or mix tapes from friends, and none of them had anything written on them.  Until I hit play, every tape was a mystery.   I discovered some of my favorite bands from that box of anonymous tapes, untainted by the bias of knowing whether they were  “cool” or not.  It’s our hope that, one day, after taking one of our CDs or tapes out of the player and leaving it lying around, you’ll come across it wondering what the hell was on it, letting you discover the music all over again.

I bought one of your records in August, but the liner notes say “July”… what are you stupid?
The month and year in the liner notes indicate when the initial recording was done.  We choose to commemorate the date when instruments are put down and final preparations begin.

Wow, a whole two questions?