Formed in 2012, Decathlete are Andrew Grosvenor (bass, vocals) and Peter Zachar (drums, vocals).  Their debut, self-titled album is a loose narrative that revolves around an athlete that pours his heart and soul into training and competition only to be completely annihilated by his opponents.

Their sound has been compared to bands such as Jeff the Brotherhood, Indian Handcrafts, and Death From Above 1979… though they suspect this is because people just start listing all the other two-piece bands they can think of.  Racists.

Decathlete are currently writing their second record, which will be at least equally as existent as their first.




SA:  The music itself sounds like shit.  Did it take you more than an hour to record the album?
D10:  You as a person are the worst thing that has ever happened to us.
Sometimes Always