Made up of an ensemble cast of friends and family, Prayer Wheels is an Ottawa choir-rock band (yes, we’re not sure what that means either). It’s post-rock for short attention spans.

Boasting post-rock space-outs that launch into up-beat post-punk, Prayer Wheels is best compared to bands such as Fang Island, and And So I Watch You From Afar.

Prayer Wheels‘ debut EP “Spring” was released in June of 2016 digitally, with a cassette to follow.




These are songs to shout, songs to pump your fists to, songs that quickly get trapped in your head.– Grayowl Point

(…) packed with a clear full sound, sharp fuzztone guitar hooks, and a strong rhythm section of Pierce on bass and drummer Leigh Newton as a core for the vocalists. – Spotlight Ottawa

[Prayer Wheels‘ Spring EP] stands as a testament to the prevalence and high standard that the ‘keep it simple’ method can be utilized for; it is also easily enjoyable, intelligent and a relaxed rebellion in song form.– The Primal Music Blog